Friends, it looks like this is the time to open new horizons and discover new brave challenges for yourself!

What do you think? We in Run Ukraine also decided to leave our comfort zone and master a new discipline — road cycling. Brave decision, isn’t it? However, we believe that among you and your friends there are many fans of cycling into the horizon, so we present to you ONLINE CYCLING!

ONLINE CYCLING – this is road cycling in the online mode. This is your freedom of choice of the time and route of your race. This is moving towards the true you.


We have developed two types of races for you:

  1. CYCLINGTON GRAND TOUR — this is a series of theme bicycle races of 30 km, 60 km, 100 km or 160 km, inspired by the largest and the most prestigious world bicycle races: Le Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España. 
  2. CYCLINGTON CHALLENGE — this is a monthly challenge, during which you need to ride 40 km, 100 km or 160 km 4 times in a month.

Are you ready? Let’s go, then!